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We all know that Fiona Griffiths started life as a uniformed officer. But how did that work? What was she like? How did she perform the first time she walked Cardiff’s dark and after-hours streets?

This thing of darkness cover

This Thing of Darkness – cover reveal

Folks, you’ve been extraordinarily generous in your comments about Strange Death. Here are my personal favourites.

The strange death of Fiona Griffiths cover

Strange Death in America

The plan was a good one, sell the Fiona Griffiths series to the biggest publisher in the US, get great reviews, let the biggest publisher in the US do the rest.

Talking to the dead cover

Talking to the dead

Some books are about plot, others about place or mood, others about beautiful writing. Talking to the Dead has its share of all those things (I hope).

Meet Harry Bingham

How I came to write this book

My path into Talking to the dead was a curious one. I was approached by a well-known figure who was contemplating working with a ghostwriter on a crime thriller.

Fiona Griffiths

Sharing a head with Fiona Griffiths

I’m Harry Bingham. I’m the author of Talking to the Dead, the first of the Fiona Griffiths novels. I am, technically speaking, sane. I have a job, I have a wife and dogs.