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Sharing a head with Fiona Griffiths

Fiona Griffiths portrait

I’m Harry Bingham. I’m the author of Talking to the Dead, the first of the Fiona Griffiths novels.

I am, technically speaking, sane. I have a job: writing books. I have a wife and dogs. I keep myself clean without much need of external help … but, you know, I’ve got this thing.

A thing where I have to share my head with an interloper. A young, female, Welsh detective with some strange ways and a surprising capacity for violence. Because I happen to make my living from writing, I have a nice neat justification for this particular form of mental illness. But, you know, I really do share my head with a very unusual person. I’ve learned how to see things her way with almost as much ease as I see things my way. She’s become a part of me – and although I love her to bits, she is a very, very strange woman.

I’d love to tell you about what makes her so strange – what forms her strangeness takes – but I’m sorry to say I can’t do that. She’s pretty private about these things and she’s careful about what she says and when she says it. So there won’t be any big revelations in this blog or on this website. You’ll just have to read the book.

But she is one hell of a heroine. Someone asked me whether she was the ass-kicking sort and I had to laugh. Yes, she is, only you don’t want to bet that it’s only your ass she’ll kick. And she’s exceptionally smart, which is helpful in her job. And she’s driven in a way that none of her colleagues are and for reasons that none of them can hope to understand.

You’ll find more about about Fiona here. More about me here. But read the book. It’s the only way you’ll get to find out what it’s like to share your head with Fiona Griffiths. It’s scary, weird, intense & brilliant. Ordinary life seems a bit duller afterwards.

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