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Talking to the dead cover

Talking to the Dead

Fiona Griffiths #1

A crime you’ll always remember • A detective you’ll never forget

A six-year-old girl murdered. A wealthy man dead – but still capable of killing. And a denouement on the Pembrokeshire coast that will take your breath away.

Love story with murders cover

Love Story, with Murders

Fiona Griffiths #2

A snowy mountainside • Sixteen degrees of frost • And a Nordic killer who wants Fiona to die

When severed body parts start appearing in suburban Cardiff, Fiona is called into action… an investigation which will come close to killing her.

The strange death of Fiona Griffiths cover

The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths

Fiona Griffiths #3

Scared • Undercover • And totally alone

When a Cardiff superstore report a payroll fraud, it looks like the kind of case that Fiona hates. But then she finds a woman, starved and dead of rat-poison, and the case starts to take on a very different hue.

This thing of darkness cover

This Thing of Darkness

Fiona Griffiths #4

A hanged man • A stolen painting • An impossible crime

It’s tough in Cardiff: crime is falling, the Major Crimes unit is running on idle. But then Fiona starts to look into some old case files and starts to find that all is not what it seems…

The dead house cover

The Dead House

Fiona Griffiths #5

A corpse in a country churchyard • She looks peaceful, almost happy

A howling October night. A country churchyard. And a young woman’s corpse, dressed only in a thin white summer dress. Before long, Fiona is involved in the strangest crime of her career.

The Deepest Grave

The Deepest Grave

Fiona Griffiths #6

An acient battle • A dead researcher • A very modern crime

A local archaeologist has been found bloodily murdered. When DS Fiona Griffiths starts to investigate, she finds a crime that seems to summon the ghosts of Dark Age Britain and the shade of King Arthur.