Love Story, with Murders

Love story with murders cover

They say there is nothing new under the sun… I have to say that in a lifetime of reading crime fiction I have never come across anyone quite like Fiona Griffiths… Read this book. Enjoy every syllable. Hold your breath, and tick off the weeks until the next one. — CRIME FICTION LOVER

Love Story in 100 words:

It’s end-of-shift. Fiona and a uniformed colleague get called on their way home – illegal rubbish in Cyncoed; how hard can that be? But when they arrive, they find, in the stinky bottom of a dead woman’s freezer, a woman’s leg, complete with high-heeled shoe. The victim is Mary Langton, a pole-dancer who vanished some five years earlier … but then new body-parts start appearing, and these are dark-skinned, and male, and totally fresh.

Fiona’s investigation takes her to some dark places – and some very cold ones – and as she seeks final justice, she realises she’s lucky to be still alive.

LOVE STORY, WITH MURDERS boasts what must be the most startling protagonist in modern crime fiction… Brutal, freakish and totally original.


Bingham’s superb second police procedural featuring Det. Constable Fiona Griffiths delivers an even more intense plot and richer character study than his first, 2012’s Talking to the Dead.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)

Just as intense as [Fiona Griffiths’] first [case]… Bingham’s remote, unquenchable heroine makes her stand apart from every one of her procedural brothers and sisters


What really matters in this novel is the sweet, strange complexities of Fiona’s mind. LOVE STORY, WITH MURDERS is a dark delight.


In Bingham’s hands she [Fiona Griffiths] comes exuberantly to life and his tale of the investigation into the death of an exotic dancer… is richly enjoyable.


This compelling crime novel… amply proves the freshness and flair that [Bingham] has brought to the police procedural. Written with unexpected warmth and wry observation, it brings its gruesome story to life without turning the stomach… Surprisingly delicate, it weaves a sinuous, seductive spell and confirms we have a new crime talent to treasure.


Superbly compulsive!


Bingham combines sharp observations (a smile is described as “so thin it was probably manufactured in an Apple design lab”) with an expanding portrait of his unusual heroine… She has surprisingly poignant reactions to harrowing situations; if she fears dying, then she must still be alive. She sometimes thinks she’s out of touch with her feelings, but Bingham is very much in control of his characters’ inner lives.


Fiona’s odd disorder and unorthodox investigation methods make her a standout character among police procedurals… Fast-paced and gripping… excellent.