This Thing of Darkness

This thing of darkness cover

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This Thing of Darkness in 100 words:

Artwork stolen then mysteriously returned. A security guard dead in a cliff-fall. A marine engineer who died by suicide in a locked and inaccessible apartment. These things couldn’t be connected, could they? Everyone thinks not, but Fiona – jammed into an Exhibits Officer role that she hates – thinks otherwise. As Fiona continues to pursue her enquiries, she comes to realise that she’s looking at a crime of breathtaking ambition.

Trouble is, as Fiona closes in, the gang realise they need information and with the police operation in data-lockdown, they realise they’ve got only one place to get it: Fiona herself.

They say there is nothing new under the sun… I have to say that in a lifetime of reading crime fiction I have never come across anyone quite like Fiona Griffiths… Read this book. Enjoy every syllable. Hold your breath, and tick off the weeks until the next one.

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